King Island Adventure

4-Day King Island Adventure

Price per person: $1595.00

At the Western entrance to Bass Strait, just off the North West coast of Tasmania lies an idyllic place known as King Island. Experience this picturesque island of rocky coastline, clean air, fine seafood and dairy delights. All inclusive tour with return flights from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to King Island.

Departure Date: 03-Feb-2015
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At the Western entrance to Bass Strait lies an idyllic place known as King Island. An island rich in history with shipwrecks, lighthouses and jagged reefs, King Island is bountiful with long stretching sandy beaches and lush green pasture. 

This little paradise produces some of Australia's finest natural foods and is probably best known for its beef, cheese, crayfish & abalone, but there is more to this 64km long by 27km wide stretch of land than first meets the eye. 

King Islanders have a special relationship with the sea. The 'Kelpies' (plant harvesters) harvest bull kelp tossed onto the shore, while cray fishermen and abalone divers fish the rich waters. Beef and dairy cattle shelter behind thick tea-tree hedges on the flat farmlands. Lush grass is the secret of the succulent local beef, rich cream and superb, hand-made cheeses. 

The most pleasant surprise will be the warm King Island welcome everywhere we go. On country roads you’ll get a wave from every vehicle we pass - remember to wave back.



  • Fly from Sydney to King Island via Melbourne (return) 
  • Be greeted by our local guide on arrival to King Island
  • Spend all 3 nights at the one motel with one of the islands finest restaurants onsite 
  • See the King Island Museum housed in the old Lighthouse Keeper's residence 
  • Learn about the history of King Island including early settlement and numerous shipwrecks
  • Visit the Kelp Industries factory for an interesting look at a uniquely successful industry 
  • Take the opportunity to see fairy penguins in their natural environment (at own expense)
  • See the Shannon Shipwreck, a paddle steamer which was once the pride of the Murray River 
  • Admire Yellow Rock Beach, a tidal river and bird haven 
  • See Cape Whickham Lighthouse - built in 1861 - the tallest lighthouse in the Southern Hemisphere 
  • Witness Penny's Lagoon, a suspended lake where the water is held by compacted sand and vegetation, one of only 3 in the world 
  • Enjoy and admire Martha Lavinia Beach with its endless beauty and miles of pale sand 
  • A must for all visitors is a trip to the famous King Island Dairy, remowned worlwide for its range of speciality cheeses 
  • Travel past Cataraqui Point, where just off-shore lies the site of Australia's worst peacetime maritime disaster 
  • Visit the Calcified Forest and discover the 7,000 year old remains of this ancient forest 
  • Admire pretty Seal Rocks on the South West Coast
  • Visit the once thriving mining town of Grassy as well as the town of Naracoopa 
  • See the Currie Lighthouse, Currie Harbour and the Currie Cemetery